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Further ways to support us


Besides becoming a member of our Fördergesellschaft or directly donating to our cause, there are many other ways to support the reconstruction of the Garrison Church in Potsdam. For example:



In the event of birthday celebrations, anniversaries, farewell parties and also funeral services, give your friends the option of donating to our cause instead of sending gifts or flowers.



Promote our cause by speaking to your friends and colleagues, by forwarding contact details of interested individuals, by displaying our info-material in your practice, your store or your hotel, or by sending out our Christmas cards to business partners.



If you don’t have heirs, you may want to think about considering the reconstruction of the Garrison Church in your will.


Letters to the Editor

If you have a special concern for Potsdam, the Garrison Church or more generally for the reconstruction of historic buildings: write a letter to the editor of your newspaper and mention the reconstruction of the Garrison Church!



Some of our supporters have been creative and started their own campaigns, i.e. handed out matchboxes with the Garrison Church’s logo on them, organised an asparagus-peeling-contest or invited every taxi driver in Potsdam to a celebrity talk with breakfast in aid of the Garrison Church. Maybe you would like to think of a campaign as well and tell us about it!

If there is a way we can support you with the implementation of an idea, please do not hesitate to contact us at